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RiseDigit Digital Courses Affiliate Program

Up to 60% + 2% Commissions paid


Up to 60% + 2% Commissions on Each Sale.


Get Paid in Just 3 Working Days after successful Sale.

Extra Bonuses

Extra 2% Performance Bonus on Commission.

No Capping

Absolutely No Capping on Total Commissions paid.

Earn by referring Digital Marketing Courses to your Engaged Visitors.

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Start promoting all our Courses through one program! Our 99.6% Students never asked for refunds and they want to recommend others as well. 

We gives you the tools you need to earn commissions from enrolling students purchasing either of our courses using your unified affiliate links.

Our 6-D Process


Visit Instamojo.com

Visit website to start promoting Our Courses.


Create an Account

Select from various sources to create an account carefully.


Add Your Financial Details

Add PAN, Bank Account Details etc. to accept Commissions in your Account.


Search Under Resellers

Search “IamShashank” under Products/ Resellers to find our courses


Select Course to Promote

Each Courses shows 25% commission which will increase with each Level.


Start promoting!

Voila! Time to promote in your circle includes Social, Email, Ads etc.

Earn Bonus on top of your Commissions.

We rewards you extra 2% on top of commissions for sending multiple referrals per month. If you send even as few as 5 referrals, your 6th referral will earn extra bonus commissions to increase your payouts even more. See the chart at the right for a list of bonuses and how they increase your earnings as you Level Up.

Level 0: Starter Affiliate
0-5 Sales 25%
Level 1: Bronze Affiliate
6-15 Sales 30%
Level 2: Silver Affiliate
16-35 Sales 40%
Level 3: Gold Affiliate
36-75 Sales 50%
Level 4: Platinum Super Affiliate
76+ Sales 60%

Why Our Courses?

4.8/5 Stars
Pre-recorded Courses
Students Enrolled
Affiliate Partners
1 K+
Commissions Paid

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

We understand that you want to be sure about the best of this Affiliate program. We ensure 100% transparent and unbiased commission allocation in all conditions. Your money is always safe with us.

The RiseDigit Affiliate Program includes entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators who inspire and teach their audience about Digital technologies comprises of Marketing, Technology & Social with full dedication. The program is free to join, and allows you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from each new Course enrollment referral.

We absolutely have no Capping on total commissions earned whatsoever. Earn as much as 60% + 2% Bonus on Each Sale if you reach Platinum level! 

We have Knowledge based videos setup for step by step Signup process, Sales methods & marketing material. We also ensure to run remarketing/ retargeting campaigns for each visitor you refer to our Course Pages. They’ll will be shown advertisements to further simplifying their buying decision and thus making more commissions to you.

You can reach out to us at +91-9305155355 on WhatsApp for quick support during working hours (11AM to 7PM IST) or can email us your query at info@risedigit.com 

To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • Have an established audience.
  • Create original content, such as online courses, seminars, blog posts, or videos.
  • Have an experience with Proven Organic/ Paid Advertising methods.
  • Have read and agreed to the RiseDigit’s Partner Program Agreement.
  • Not share wrong information for impulsive & dubious course sales tactics.
  • Not Incentivize prospects other than offers mentioned by RiseDigit Platform for unethical sales.

Note: Your account can get banned anytime for  misrepresentation or unethical ways of promotion and RiseDigit Team has all the rights to hold your Commissions at any time without prior notice and can Cancel Payouts too.

Once accepted into the RiseDigit Affiliate Program, you can generate your own referral links inside Instamojo referral program and can start promoting Courses right away. Affiliate link which will track all of your referrals. When educating your audience about our courses, always use your unique affiliate link. Our tracking cookies last as per Instamojo Reseller Program guidelines, meaning that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link posted on your website, then you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor enrolls for your referred course. If customer applies for refund within 7 days, your commission will be refused in the next Payment cycle.

Commission Structure is as follows-

Level 0: Starter Affiliate

25% from 0-5 Confirmed Sales

Level 1: Bronze Affiliate

30% from 6-15 Confirmed Sales

Level 2: Silver Affiliate

40% from 16-35 Confirmed Sales

Level 3: Gold Affiliate

50% from 36-75 Confirmed Sales

Level 4: Platinum Super Affiliate

60% from 76+ Confirmed Sales


Extra 2% of Affiliate Income As Bonus on reaching new Level every month.​

After each successful sale, your 25% commission will be paid within 3 Working days in your Bank Account by Instamojo directly. You’ll get your rest amount paid in first week of next month in your same bank account online by RiseDigit team separately. In case of refunds, your commission will be deducted by RiseDigit Team in full and final settlement in first week of next month.

No Capping Whatsoever. Earn Unlimited!

Earn as much as 60% + 2% Bonus on Each Sale! Courses are rated 4.8 Stars by Enrolled Students and they are happy to recommend others.