master Your
facebook Advertising Game!

Learn Facebook Ads
for 3-4X Assured ROAS
without Hiccups!

No Fake Promises, no Get Rich Quick scheme.
This Advanced 30 pre-recorded video Course program will make You a Master of Facebook Advertising no matter you are a total beginner or Expert if you put in efforts with me!

This course cover basics of E-commerce Advertising as of now so please join if you are not specifically looking for E-commerce/ Dropshipping business only.

What will you Get in This Course?

Course Modules

  1. Trainer Introduction & Course Prerequisites
  2. Facebook Ads Platform Hierarchy
  3. FB Ads Platform Tools
  4. Pixel Data Tracking and Diagnosis
  5. Facebook Ad Campaigns Objective types
  6. Setting up Ad Campaigns in real
  7. Facebook Ads Funnels
  1. How to do Laser Targeting in Facebook Ads
  2. Basic Retargeting Principles
  3. Advanced Behavioural and Sequential Retargeting Concepts
  4. How to setup Targeting for Ecommerce Campaigns
  5. Setting up Ecommerce Manager & Product Feeds
  6. How will Retargeting be impacted by iOS 14.5 update?
  1. How to setup Pixel Events
  2. How to setup Automated Rules
  1. Power of Lookalike Audiences
  2. How to use Audience Insights Tool
  1. Writing Creative Ad Copies and Headlines
  1. Budget Planning and CBO ABO strategies
  2. CBO Vs ABO Budget Strategy on Facebook Ads
  3. How to decide campaigns are performing or not
  4. Judging Early Campaigns to Continue or Kill
  5. Scaling Campaign Budget Strategy
  1. How to make Lead Generation Campaigns
  2. Facebook Advertising for Local Businesses
  3. Why Facebook Ads results are Inconsistent
  4. Does Duplicating campaigns for Scaling is a Good idea?
  5. How to create effective Conversions Campaigns
  6.  Preparing Video View Campaigns based Strategy
  7. Should you run Engagement Campaigns before Conversions?
  1. How to avoid account banning or reinstating
  2. Payment Declined, unable to make payment from the same Card

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My Powerful Facebook Ads Course Goal is to make you
an Advertising Master who can manage small to high budget Client projects
as well as personal projects with ease
that pays a least Rs 50K monthly with just 1-2 Clients in India.

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You saved Rs. 2000.00

Hey. My name is Shashank Srivastava and I am the Founder of RiseDigit Marketing & an SEO Practitioner since a Decade ( 10+ Years).

I taught over 600+ Students in Classroom programs, delivered dozens of sessions in person, and teaching Digital Marketing to over 11000+ people online!

I also worked with leading companies for their Digital marketing needs. I sold multiple websites online making over $1.4 Million in the span of last 3 years.

Shashank Srivastava

Course Instructor