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Shashank Srivastava CEO RiseDigit Marketing

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What will you Get in This Course?

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Course & Trainer
  2. What & Why the WordPress?
  3. Domain name types & Buying One
  4. Hosting types & buying one
  5. Updating Nameservers to connect domain & hosting final
  6. Installing WordPress final
  1. WordPress First Setup final
  2. Installing & Setting up themes
  3. Important Plugins & Installation
  1. Improving site speed
  2. Best SEO Checklist Plugins & Yoast SEO Setup
  3. Basics of Elementor Page Builder
  1. Using Elementor library for templates final
  2. Using Astra Starter Templates final
  3. Installing Woocommerce for Ecommerce
  4. Understanding different type of Woocommerce products
  5. Making Woocommerce settings right
  6. Setting up Woocommerce PDF Invoices
  7. Woocommerce Marketing Section Overview
  8. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery setup final
  1. Setting up Instamojo Payment gateway integration
  2. How to make Catalog Site in WordPress
  1. What is a Landing Page
  2. Examples of Landing Pages
  3. AIDA AR Principle of Marketing
  4. The Power of Persuasive Headings
  5. Call To Action CTAs
  6. Hero Shots for more Conversions
  7. Power of Social Proof in Sales
  8. Benefit Triangle in Landing Pages
  9. Above the Fold Concept in Landing Pages
  10. Preplanning for Landing Pages
  11. Jakob Law for User Experience Design
  12. Responsiveness of Landing Pages
  13. Conversions Hackers Scarcity and Limited Time Deals
  14. The FOMO Psychology
  15. Trust, Safety & Credibility Test
  16. Herd Effect Psychology in Marketing
  1. Email & Funnel Builder Tools
  2. Stages of Sales Funnels final
  3. Power of Lead Magnets & types
  4. Traffic Sources for TOFU
  5. Upsell, Downsell & CrossSells
  6. Power of Order Bumps
  7. OTOs & Bonuses to further increase AOV
  8. The Evergreen Funnel System
  9. The SLO Funnel System & Tripwire based marketing
  10. Building Real Funnels Practically
  1. Automating Payment with Email Data using Zapier
  2. WordPress Backups made easy

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Shashank Srivastava

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Hey, My name is Shashank Srivastava and I am the Founder of RiseDigit Marketing & an SEO Practitioner since a Decade ( 10+ Years).

I taught over 600+ Students in Classroom programs, delivered dozens of sessions in person, and teaching Digital Marketing & SEO to over 11000+ people online!

I also worked with leading companies for their SEO & Digital marketing needs. I sold multiple websites online making over $1.4 Million in the span of last 3 years.

My Advanced Powerful Landing Page, Funnel Builder & Ecommerce Design Course goal is to make you an expert who can manage most complex funnels with ease
and can build a fortune with right Affiliate Marketing Practices.

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